UFOs, Aliens and the Soviet Union in the Cold War: E.T. Intrigue

My previous article was on the possibility that the notorious Majestic 12 documents – that surfaced way back in 1987 – were the work of the Soviet Union. With that in light, I thought, today, I would share with you some other examples that suggest a deep UFO-Russian connection. Let’s begin with the most controversial of all the “Contactees” in the 1950s: George Adamski. it’s now time to address the matter of why, exactly, the FBI came to suspect that Adamski was not only a closet communist, but possibly even someone who was being used by the Russians in a strange psychological warfare-based operation. Just maybe, Adamski was an unwitting player in this strange and sinister game. In a worst-case scenario, though, Adamski was a knowing and entirely complicit figure. Certainly, the FBI wanted answers and, as a result, they dug very deeply into the man’s life. As evidence of this, close to 400-pages of FBI documentation on Adamski have now been declassified. An FBI document of May 28, 1952 reveals that Bureau agents had a credible source who, back in 1950 – no less than three years before Flying Saucers Have Landed was published – had shared with them certain disturbing data on Adamski. The FBI took – and to this day continues to take – careful steps to ensure that its source’s name would not be compromised. 

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