UFO Cases That Suggest We Have Been Visited By “Others” – Alien Encounters and the Military

Many people who read here at Mysterious Universe will know that I don’t think Roswell was a UFO event. Rather, I think the whole thing was a top secret experiment involving high-altitude experiments using human guinea-pigs. However, that certainly doesn’t take away my belief in a real genuine UFO phenomenon. Roswell was just one event. And, with that said, I’m going to share with you a few cases that I think do make a case for the extraterrestrial angle. Or, perhaps, for the interdimensional theory. Either way, I’m sure a small number of UFO cases represent mysterious visitors from another world.¬†From September 14-25, 1952, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) coordinated a huge military exercise in the North Sea and North Atlantic. Titled Mainbrace, the exercise utilized the armed forces of the UK, the United States, Norway, Canada, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium. No less than 85,000 military personnel took part in the operation, the purpose of which was to demonstrate to the former Soviet Union that NATO was fully prepared to withstand, and counter, any possible Soviet attack on western Europe. Barely one day into the exercise, at least two reports of UFO encounters were filed with authorities by naval personnel on board ships in the Atlantic, between Ireland and Iceland. The first such encounter involved a “blue/green triangle,” which was observed flying over the sea at a speed estimated to be around 1,500 mph. Later that same day, three unidentified objects, travelling at around the same speed, were seen flying in a triangular formation. All three craft reportedly emitted a “white light exhaust.”

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