Tulpas: Creating Dangerous Creatures That Are Born Out of Our Minds

Today, we come to one of the strangest of all the many and varied supernatural creatures that feed upon us. It goes by two names: the Tulpa and the thought-form; although they are one and the same. The concept of the Tulpa began, centuries ago, within the culture and beliefs of Tibetan Buddhists. In essence, a Tulpa is a creature that is created and driven by the power of human imagination. If that sounds, strange, well, yes, it is strange!  Essentially, it goes like this: if you focus your attention on a particular image – let’s say, for the sake of argument, that of a fiery-eyed, leathery-winged gargoyle – you can give it some semblance of reality and, eventually, an independent existence. You lay down on your bed, late at night, when and where you won’t be disturbed, and you focus intently on your legendary monster of choice. You carefully visualize its form, those huge wings, its malevolent face, and its clawed hands. Perhaps, you even give it a long and powerful tail. You focus on the image of the beast flying high above the rooftops of your own town in the dead of night. And, you repeat that process night after night, week after week, and maybe even month after month. You may even utilize meditative techniques to allow you to enter altered states of mind, which will serve to amplify the imagery even more. 

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