Toadzilla, Super Pigs and a Real ‘Last of Us’ Zombie Fungus – Nature is Again Scarier than Fiction

Spend one night alone in a dark woods or one day alone in strange tropical rain forest and you will agree that nature is far scarier than anything science fiction writers have been able to muster up with their keyboards. For further proof, look no further than this week’s news. For starters, a world record cane toad – the invasive nemesis of all living things in Australia – was discovered in … well, you can figure it out. At the other end of the globe in the great white north, herds of “super pigs” are organizing an invasion of the United States. And around the world, fans of the new zombie series ‘The Last of Us’ can explain to you how terrifying life will be as scientists discover a real zombie fungus with the capability to evolve into a version that will really turn humans into zombies. What did we do to nature to deserve these monsters? The answer may be the biggest terror of all.

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