Time Travel: It Might Be Something More or Less Than Most People Think

In October of last year I wrote a book titled Time Travel. And, in Iight of that, I thought I would share with you some intriguing aspects of my research; something that made me change my mind on certain aspects of the matter of time travel, and to a significant degree. I’ll show you what I mean. The publisher stated: “Fact or fiction? Real or impossible? Movement through time explored, examined and explained! Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity postulates, and scientists have proven, that the faster you travel, the slower time moves. Clocks on airplanes, satellites and rockets are slower than clocks on Earth, and time travel is indeed real. Can time machines, time-tunnel wormholes or tales of fictional time-traveling heroes be so far-fetched? Covering the history of time travel in both reality and fiction, Time Travel: The Science and Science Fiction investigates the long history, myths, science and stories of movement from the present to the past and into the future.” The publisher also said: “The idea of time travel fascinates because it offers the possibility, however remote, of revisiting and recapturing moments from our youth. And if travelers of the future have secretly visited us – well, that proves that our future is secure. Stories of time travel abound in books and film, and it’s been a source of endless fascination – and speculation – surrounding UFO sightings and conspiracy theories.” Yes, it was all there. But, as my research expanded, things began to change: I saw time travel in a different way – as many do when they get deep into the whole controversy. Take, for example, a certain man who exploded on the time travel scene a little more than two decades ago.

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