The Mysteries of Our Moon: “Something” Could Be On There or Under the Surface…

I figured that having just published an article on the mysteries of the planet Mars, I would now write one that focuses on our Moon. And, there are more than a few mysteries out there, to be sure! Our strange Moon story goes back to the 1970s, but it is still a fascinating story. According to the family of a Raymond Wallis, he was someone who, way back in 1975, took on the alias of a “Mr. Axelrod,” when a team of remote-viewers at Area 51 were focusing their attention not on the Russians or even the Chinese, but on the Moon itself. Something strange had caught the attention of those working on the program. Answers needed to be found. Reportedly, and incredibly, several of the remote-viewers had significant success in psychically uncovering evidence that there were several underground, alien bases on the Moon. So the story goes, the team hit a brick-wall because, in a rather sinister fashion, the aliens somehow knew when they were being watched. So, the team decided to do something that they rarely ever did. They decided to go outside of the box – or in their case a secure series of rooms at Area 51’s S-4 – and approach one of the leading figures in the field of remote-viewing, a man named Ingo Swann. Before we get directly to  Swann, let’s have a look at the phenomenon of Remote-Viewing.

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