The Man-Monkey Beast: A Kind of Bigfoot or a Paranormal Creature

Just a few days ago, I wrote an article here at Mysterious Universe on the possibility there just might be “Littlefoot” type creatures hiding in the woods and forests of the United Kingdom. That’s right: shrunken-down creatures that look somewhat like the North American Bigfoot. One of those little creatures – that was first seen in 1879 – became known as the Man-Monkey. So, today, I have decided to provide you a good, solid study of that particularly, strange creature. Constructed in the early part of the 19th Century, England’s historic Shropshire Union Canal, or the “Shroppie” – as it has come to be affectionately and popularly known by those that regularly travel its extensive and winding waters – is some sixty-seven miles in length and extends from Ellesmere Port near the city of Liverpool right down to Autherley Junction at Wolverhampton in the Midlands. The southern end of the old canal, that was originally known as the Birmingham and Liverpool Junction Canal, was the very last of the great British narrow-boat canals to be built, and is a true testament to the masterful engineering of Thomas Telford. Deep cuttings and massive embankments are the veritable hallmarks of the canal and they paint a picture that is as eerie as it is picturesque. There is something else, too:

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