The Loch Ness Monsters: There Are Good Reasons Why We Should Term Them as “Paranormal”

My previous article was on the subject of why a good case can be made that the Bigfoot creatures are not flesh-and-blood animals, but, rather, paranormal things. Such a thing can be said about the creatures of Loch Ness, too, as you’ll see now. We’ll begin with the eerie feelings the presences of the beasts provoke in people. It’s beyond just fear or terror. It’s very different: Magical rituals, satanic rites, necromancy, dragon-worshiping cults that engage in bloody sacrifice under a full moon, bizarre synchronicities, UFO sightings, encounters with the dreaded Men in Black, and even exorcisms are part and parcel of the phenomenon that has become known as the Loch Ness Monster. As are the creature’s connections to one of the world’s most infamous occultists, to curses, to magicians, and even to a wide range of other strange creatures that also call Loch Ness their home. Not only that:

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