The Loch Ness Monster: There Are More Supernatural Mysteries Than We Know

My previous article was on the subject of the weird side (the very weird side) of the Bigfoot creatures. I have decided to share with you something similar: namely, the absolute weirdness that surrounds the Loch Ness Monster(s). My reason: to demonstrate to you that most so-called “Cryptid” creatures are not just unknown animals. They aren’t even creatures as we see them. There is a distinct paranormal issue to the whole mystery- as you’ll see. With that said, let’s begin. We’ll start with the distinct probability that the Nessies are shapeshifting creatures. For centuries, Scottish folklore and legend have both been filled with tales of a wild and deadly beast known as the Kelpie. The terrible beast, which has the ability to transform itself into numerous forms – even that of people – was greatly feared throughout the 1600s and 1700s, when reports of the Kelpie were at their height. As for its curious name, “Kelpie” is an ancient Scottish term meaning “water-horse.” There is a very good reason as to why that particular name was applied to the beast, as will soon become very clear. As its name strongly suggests, the water-horse spent much of its time lurking in the waters of Scottish lochs – specifically in the shallower, marshy areas of such locales. It would coldly and callously wait for an unwary passer-by to appear on the scene and then strike, mercilessly and without any hint of a warning. The beast’s mode of attack was, admittedly, ingenious, even if the end result for the victim was not a good one. In fact, it was almost always downright fatal.  

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