The British Wild Man: A Strange and Paranormal, Hairy Human

Over the years I have written various articles on the matter of what has become known as the “British Bigfoot.” In these cases, we’re talking about ape-like animals. Some of them are the “Man-Monkey,” the “Bolam Beast,” and the “Shug Monkey.” There’s no doubt these creatures are paranormal in nature. There is, however, another category too this controversy. It’s the “Wild Man.” It, too, is clearly paranormal, but it has an appearance that is human-like, rather than ape-like. It’s this “wild” group I’m going to talk about today. Let’s take a look at some of these  strange, forever elusive, things. The well-known Cornwall-based anomalies researcher, writer, and blogger, Elizabeth Randall, has spent many a lot of time seeking out the truth behind the Woodwose legends and says of the creature that it “…is usually shown as a complete, part human, figure carrying a club with the limbs being leafy. It also often shows a thick beard and wears a cap. The Woodwose may also be shown holding the club in different positions. Sometimes this is on its side and sometimes it is raised. There is a theory that a raised club depicts the figure before it was converted to Christianity, but it’s probably more correct to believe that it was raised to ward off evil spirits.”

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