Some Think Chinese Lake Bed May Be Covered With Alien Patterns

Some of the most intriguing ‘alleged’ signs of extraterrestrial visitations to Earth are lines and patterns which can only be seen from the air. Crops circles are a well-known example, as are geoglyphs like the Nazca lines in Peru, the Atacama Giant in Chile, the “Works of the Old Men” in Arabia, and the Cerne Abbas Giant in England. Theories abound as to whether any of these are truly made by aliens, but conclusive evidence of human cause is often scarce. While these alien ‘signs’ or messages are on the surface, others possible ET lines and shapes are being found underwater. Unfortunately, the cause is often climate change, but we might forgive ourselves a little bit if a disappearing river or lake exposed proof that aliens have visited our planet. One such underwater is becoming visible on the bottom of Dongting Lake, a large lake in the northeastern Hunan Province of China. Recent droughts have revealed what look like a maze on the lake bed and some who analyze them have this explanation: “I’m not saying it’s aliens, but it’s aliens.” Is this the sign we’ve been waiting for … or is there another explanation?

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