Some Amazing Bigfoot / Yeti / Yowie Encounters in Earlier Times

Today, I’m going to share with you some fascinating material that goes back a century – and more, too. So, let’s get moving.  In a 1908 edition of the Alaska-Yukon Magazine, there appeared a fascinating story from one Frank E. Howard. It was an article that told of an incident that occurred during the summer months, just a few years previously. The location was a mountainous region on Alaska’s Malaspina Glacier, in which Howard was prospecting. As he negotiated the perilous glacier, Howard had a disastrous fall into a deep crevasse. Fortunately, Howard was not injured, but there was a problem. And, wouldn’t you just know it, it was a big one, too: there was simply no way for him to climb out the same way he had fallen in. So, there was just one option: he had to follow the crevasse, hoping that it would lead downhill and allow him to finally leave the crevasse and make his way down the glacier. Thankfully, and finally, it did exactly that. Howard told the magazine: “I arose and started down the slope with the idea of reaching the water and following along its margin while the tide was low, in search of some crevasse leading out into the open bay. I was sure the great cavern was crevassed to the surface at some point beyond.

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