Reincarnation Researcher Thinks American Girl Was Once a Famous French Opera Singer

Many people believe in reincarnation – the idea that a person’s soul, spirit or non-physical essence can migrate or be reborn after death in a new physical form that could be another human (hopefully) or another life form. While the concept is rooted in a religion (like Buddhism and Hinduism) or a philosophy (Pythagoras, Socrates and Plato believed in reincarnation), the memories of a past life that an alleged reincarnated person often claims to have can be researched, along with a careful analysis of the person’s current life, to eliminate or identify opportunities for them to learn about their ‘past’ life via conventional means – reading, television, etc. is an organization which preforms such studies, which brings us to Dorothy Angelica. The story of this 12-year-old girl is in the news because she claims to be the reincarnation of the famous Metropolitan Opera singer Alice Joséphine (Lily) Pons, who passed away in 1976. studied the claim and came to some interesting conclusions. Are the coincidences, a hoax or proof of Lily Pons’ reincarnation as Dorothy Angelica?

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