Possibly One of the Strangest Stories of World War 2: A Wild, Hairy Man on the Rampage

From Jonathan Downes, the director of the U.K.-based center for Fortean Zoology, comes what is surely one of the strangest tales of the Second World War. Since the story is a lengthy and complex one that is full of an absolute multitude of twists and turns – not to mention deep conspiracy and Second World War-era secrecy and subterfuge – the most profitable approach is to allow Downes to relate the extraordinary findings for himself and in his own fashion. They are findings that relate to a turbulent, terrible, and ultimately tragic, story told to Downes back in the early 1980s, when he was still in his early twenties and working as a psychiatric nurse at Starcross Hospital, Devon, England – Starcross being a small village which can be found on the west bank of the River Exe, Teignbridge. With that said, let us take a close and careful look at this emotion-filled tale of people long gone, shadowy secrets, deep stigma, and a war-torn era immersed in carnage and conflict. According to the British Government’s National Archive at Kew, England: “Originally known as the Western Counties Idiot Asylum [Nick’s note: I kid you not at all on that far less than subtle name] this institution opened in 1864 in a house and two acres of land at Starcross, rented from W.R. Courtenay, 11th Earl of Devon. A committee appointed to collect donations and subscriptions, and to accept patients into the asylum, was chaired by the 11th Earl who was also its first president, positions he held until 1904.”

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