Dog-walking Ghost, Martian Bear, Beast of Bucks, Mermaid Reward and More Mysterious News Briefly

A new study published in Remote Sensing of Environment looks at the strange occurrences since the 1930s of mysterious white clouds on the surface of the water near the Bahamas – the clouds contain high concentrations of carbonate-rich particles which could be from a submerged platform of carbonate known as the Bahama Banks or from blooms of phytoplankton, but all the study could determine is that the clouds are bigger from March to May and October to December. We know about smoke on the water and clouds in our coffee, but otherwise rock music is no help here.


Taking a Look at the Dangerous Side of the Legendary “Little People.” They Can be Deadly.

Make mention of the likes of gnomes, fairies and pixies and the image is one of little humanoids that are careful to to keep away from us. At least, most of the time. And, they aren’t particularly dangerous to us. But, there is another category of creature that can be found in the history of “little people.” We’re talking about certain little creatures that can be extremely dangerous. In other words, some of these creatures can cause a lot of terror. And even death. Let’s have a look at some of them. Situated in south-east Asia and Oceania, Indonesia is made up of a huge amount of islands; in fact, literally thousands. One of those islands is Flores, which has a square-mileage of more than 5,000 miles and a population of close to two million. Its wild animal population is notable and includes the deadly Komodo dragon and the huge Flores Giant Rat. Flores may be home to something far stranger, too.The Nage people of Flores tell of a somewhat human-like ape called the Ebu gogo. As with so many of the smaller variety of creatures described within the pages of this book, the Ebu gogo was covered in hair, had distinct ape-like qualities, but walked upright, like a human. At barely three feet tall they were hardly on a par with Bigfoot, but that does not take away the fact that, for the Nage people, the creatures generated a great deal of folklore and history.


The Strange Case of the CIA’s Top Secret Magic Manual

History is full of stories of lost secret documents and strange doings by the government. It is impossible to look deeply into the government without finding tales of fuiles on UFOs, research into ESP, or strange experiments carried out to one up the enemy. Many of these seem completely bonkers, but over the years have been declassified to show that the U.S. government really is often up to some decidedly weird stuff. One such case is the time the CIA hired a magician to write a magic manual to help operatives in the field. 


Litecoin ‘head fake’ rally? LTC price technicals hint at 65% crash

LTC price could drop alongside riskier assets as macro analysts sound a bull trap alarm over this potential “head fake” recovery.

Litecoin (LTC) has rebounded by 130% to almost $100 after bottoming out near $40.50 in June 2022. The primary reasons include broadly improving risk-on sentiment and euphoria around the Litecoin halving in August 2023.

However, technicals suggest that LTC may wipe out most of these gains in the coming months.

LTC price paints giant bear flag 

Litecoin stands to pare its gains mainly due to a giant bear flag on the weekly char. 

A bear flag is a bearish continuation pattern that occurs when the price consolidates inside an ascending, parallel channel after undergoing a strong downtrend. It resolves after the price breaks below its lower trendline with a rise in trading volumes

Litecoin has been painting a similar pattern since early June 2022. Previously, the LTC/USD pair had undergone a 70% price correction from $130 to $40.50. Thus, from the technical perspective, it would resume its downtrend course if its price breaks below the lower trendline.

LTCUSD weekly price chart featuring bear flag breakdown setup. Source: TradingView

As a rule, a bear flag breakdown move prompts the price to fall by as much as the previous downtrend’s length. Applying the same setup to Litecoin brings its bear flag downside target to nearly $30.50, or 65% lower than current LTC price.

Litecoin price “head fake”?

As said earlier, Litecoin’s price recovery has primarily occurred in line with similar moves across the risk-on market due to cooling inflation.

For instance, the Nasdaq-100 stock market index has risen approx. 15.50% between October 2022 and January 2023. Similarly, Bitcoin (BTC) has rallied by more than 50% since its November 2022’s low of around $15,500.

The weekly correlation coefficient between Litecoin and Nasdaq-100 has been mostly positive at 0.35 on Jan. 27. Similarly, correlation between Litecoin and Bitcoin is now around 0.21.

Litecoin’s weekly correlation coefficient with Nasdaq-100 and Bitcoin. Source: TradingView

But many analysts, including Mark Haefele, the chief investment officer at UBS Global Wealth Management, have noted that the ongoing risk-on rally could be a “head fake.” In simple words, the ongoing Litecoin rally, under the influence of its risk-on counterparts, could be short-lived. 

Independent market analyst Capo of Crypto also agrees, noting:

“The way the upward movement is happening, the way [higher-timeframe] resistances are being tested… it clearly looks manipulated, no real demand. Once again, the biggest bull trap I’ve ever seen.”

Bullish scenario for Litecoin

However, not everyone is bearish on risk assets such as Litcoin. Popular market analyst Rekt Capital sees Litecoin rallying toward $160 in the coming weeks, citing a monthly chart setup as shown below.

LTC/USD monthly price chart. Source: TradingView

Notably, the chart shows LTC’s price undergoing a strong rebound move after testing a multi-year ascending trendline resistance inside the $40-$50 area, which could qualify it for a further uptrend toward the $120-$160 range.

These upside targets have previously acted as supports and resistances. Breaking this key resistance could therefore invalidate the bear flag setup, which happens 54% of all time according to research by veteran investor Tom Bulkowski.

This article does not contain investment advice or recommendations. Every investment and trading move involves risk, and readers should conduct their own research when making a decision.


Clear Spirit Energy Clearing


“Everything is energy – both seen and unseen”

This book has the information and wisdom that you need to change all aspects of your life. 


The Life Changing Power of ENERGY CLEARING

Clear your home, your office, your environment and you

Joannes new book is the culmination of over 30 years study into spirituality, energy healing and personal development. In this book you will learn how to use the power of energy clearing in your life, and the amazing benefits that can be reaped by using the power of clearing energy within yourself and your environment.

This book contains a plethora of information, lessons and exercises to help you take control of your energy and your life.


Chapters covered

Why Does My Home Feel So Un-homely?What Are Thoughts Made Of?Energy Patterns and Thought FormsEnergetic Atmospheric MixBabies and Small ChildrenTeenagersAdultsPetsSensitivity to EnergyRental Properties and House HistoryLow Energy and Negative PatternsFurniture and Objects Hold FrequencyShove What You No Longer Love
Twenty-One and Not Having FunGhosts and SpiritsEarthbound SpiritsVisiting SpiritsSpirit AttachmentsParanormal EncounterResidual EnergyFeel the VibesHouse MemoriesLand Memory
Why Do I feel So Strange?Technological OverloadPossible EMF InterferenceGeopathic Stress (Earth Energies)The Surrounding AreaCosmic InfluenceOther People’s EnergiesNegative Focused ThoughtNegative Intent/CursesOlgar Worrall – I Refuse to Hurt Them

We Are Spiritual and Energetic Beings

Our Spiritual and Energetic Anatomy

Our Energy Bodies and Auric Fields

First Energy Body/Field: The Etheric Body

Second Energy Body/Field: The Emotional Body

Third Energy Body/Field: The Mental Body

Fourth Energy Body/Auric Field: The Astral Body

Fifth Energy Body/Auric Field: The Spiritual Pattern Body

Sixth Energy Body/Auric Field: The Cosmic Body

Seventh Energy Body/Auric Field: The Causal Body

Energy Exchanges

The Chakra System

The Root/Base Chakra

The Sacral Plexus ChakraThe Solar Plexus ChakraThe Heart ChakraThe Throat ChakraThe Third Eye ChakraThe Crown Chakra

The House AnatomyThe Etheric Aspect of the PropertyFoundation and StructureThe Emotional Aspect of the PropertyThe Mental Aspect of the PropertyThe Spiritual Heart/Soul Aspect of the PropertyThe Spiritual Creative Aspect of the PropertyThe Spiritual Celestial Aspect of the PropertyThe Spiritual Guardian of the PropertyPrayer of Spiritual ProtectionColor Resonance within the Home EnvironmentRed Tones: Action. Success. Passion. ChemistryOrange Tones: Creativity. Feelings. Joy. MovementYellow Tones: Intellect. Confidence. Will Power. MotivationGreen Tones: Harmony. Abundance. Giving/Receiving. Unconditional LoveBlue Tones: Strength. Healing. Truth. ProtectionIndigo Tones: Intuition. Manifestation. Imagination. RelaxationViolet Tones: Wisdom. Transformation. Connection. DestinyWhite: Purification. Protection. PeaceBlack: Mystery. Power. Grounding

Part Two: Plugging In – Creative Clearing Power

The Power of PrayerFaith and TrustPrayer Changes ThingsHow Prayer WorksHuman Interference with Prayer PowerHow to Pray Powerful PrayersAlignment with Love Prayer TreatmentIntuitive NatureIntuitive Clearing PrayerSpiritual Co-Creative AssistanceThe Divine Light Clearing TeamHow Your Divine Light Clearing Team Can Help YouSeven Cosmic Forces of Divine LightHow to Connect with Your Divine Light Clearing TeamPrepare Your Energy Exercise
DowsingRadiesthesiaEnergy Measurement Scales and ChartsThe Bovis ScaleThe PendulumPendulum MovementsConnect with your PendulumEstablish a Yes MovementEstablish a No MovementEnergy Clearing MovementEnergy Harmonizing MovementUsing a Pendulum to Measure EnergyPart Three: Energy Clearing Solutions (Steps and Protocols)

House Energy Clearing TreatmentHouse Energy Clearing StepsHouse Energy Clearing Protocol



Distance House Energy Clearing TreatmentDistance House Energy Clearing Protocol (Long Version)Distance House Energy Clearing Protocol (Short Version)

Financial KarmaRelationship KarmaTwo Distance Business Energy Clearing TreatmentsDistance Business Energy Clearing ProtocolDistance Business Premises Energy Clearing ProtocolCreative Visualization Energy Technique to Support a Sale of a PropertyCreative Exercise to Help Sell Your Property

Personal Energy Clearing Treatment (Self and Others) Personal Energy Clearing Steps (Self and Others) Personal Energy Clearing Protocol (Self or Another) 

Distance Treatments for ChildrenDistance Energy Clearing Protocol for Children Distance Treatments for Pets Distance Energy Clearing Protocol for Pets Other Kinds of Energy ClearingsClear the Energy of Your Car (Three Steps) Clear the Energy of Your Hotel Room (Two Steps)Clear the Energy of Your Flight (Two Steps)Clear the Energy of Your Marriage/Relationship (Two Steps)Clear the Energy of Your Dentist/Doctor/Hospital Appointment (Two Steps)Clear the Energy of a Court Case (Two Steps)  

Clear the Energy of Your Financial Flow (Two Steps) 

Wings Not Weeds





Joanne Brocas is a renowned spiritual teacher, author and educator. Her books have been published globally. Joanne has over 30 years experiences in healing, intuition and working with energy.

Endorsements For Clear Spirit


“If you want to understand various forms of energy, Joanne has done an excellent job of explaining them. She has expanded upon the phrase, energy follows thought!”
Raymon Grace

“Joanne Brocas has done a wonderful job explaining how we become energetically imbalanced and what we can do to return back to harmony and joy.”
Dr Bradley Nelson

“Joanne Brocas will help anyone to understand and invoke angelic intercession and draw closer to the transcendent.”
Doctor Larry Dossey




A beautiful hard back book that is invaluable for those who wish to learn the life changing power of energy clearing for mind, body and soul.

PDN Book Authors


Deadly Departed: The Do’s, Don’ts and Dangers of Afterlife Communication

Deadly Departed:

The Do’s, Don’ts and Dangers of Afterlife Communication

Why This Book

This book is different from most in terms of its structure and unlike most other books, it is alive, it has its own soul. This means that it will never be finished and will always be added to because it has its own life and growth is continuing as knowledge and wisdom is given. It is written and structured in a way to allow a quick reference guide to mediums, professionals, paranormalists and spiritual seekers. It is a book that should be continually referred to by those professionals and developing mediums and as it evolves. I hope it becomes a great educational resource that helps many people and those on the spiritual path. It covers every conceivable avenue of mediumship and Identifies the Dangers that are lurking in the afterlife, paranormal and research. It is a guide to help the developing medium prepare for a life in service to spirit. In short, it is a spiritual journey and a spiritual guide.

Know More About This Book

Renowned evidential medium and spirit interventionist, Jock Brocas shares of lifetime of wisdom, experience and knowledge of the realms of the departed and how to safely interact with them. this book is sure to be a classic on the shelves of every spiritualist, seeker and practitioner.

Belief in the afterlife has reached a level of public acceptance never before seen in modern times. This brings with it a sense of unreality that anything paranormal must also be benign. Jock Brocas is known throughout the world as someone who fully understands the dark and the light of various realms. A gifted medium, his respect for what that entails has guided his desire to assure the safety of those who wish to develop their gifts. There is much to be learned from a positive connection with loved ones and spirits who have passed. However, just as this world is filled with hazards so are the other realms. People are careful to lock the doors to their homes, yet they are loath to protect themselves when they explore the neighborhoods of consciousness.

About Author

The thing is, she can’t remember where she hid the loot before she died. But that’s not going to stop her old partners from using Danny to get her to tell them where it is—unless Raney and Daye can stop them and save the boy… with a little ghostly help, that is.

What People Think About This Book


Jock Brocas has provided an intricate guide in this book forprofessional mediums, developing mediums and prospective mediums alike to alert them to the important responsibilitiesthey have toward their clients during the demonstration of their mediumship.…This book is important to all mediums and potential mediums that are serious about avoiding the dangerous pitfalls that confront them in the demonstration and practice of their Mediumship.–Robin FoyPsychic Researcher, The Scole Experimen


Powers of the Sixth Sense: How to Keep Safe in a Hostile World

Powers of the Sixth Sense:

How to Keep Safe in a Hostile World

Why This Book

Powers of the sixth sense are available to everyone. Intuition and psychic ability are not just far-out ideas for seeing into the future, or healing the past. This book shows how we are able to use our natural, in-borne intuition for the benefit of ourselves and others in the here and now. It teaches you self-preservation at many levels, from the security of your home and business, to surviving rape and dealing with terrorism. Each page contains practical, life saving information. An enjoyable read, it has immediate practical applications for business executives, frequent travellers, Law Enforcement personnel, students, martial artists and others from all walks of life. The deepest sceptics may find themselves on a journey of self-discovery, and it will enlighten those who seek enlightenment

Know More About This Book

Having read the Powers of the sixth sense I can confidently say that I could not put it down! It offers ALL the right information in a simple- to- understand format that covers just about EVERYTHING you could need to know about safe guarding yourself and your loved ones. It’s a must read for everyone regardless of age, creed or colour, with a unique style. I cannot overstate the importance this book could play in your life. Paul S Clifton,, Publisher, Combat, Traditional Karate, Fighters, Taekwondo & Korean Martial Arts Magazines

Your sixth sense can warn you of imminent danger; whether it’s to yourself, your family or your business; whether it’s personal hostility, potential robbery, or even terrorist attack. The Power of the Sixth Sense is written by an experienced psychic medium, a top security consultant and a teacher of the Japanese martial arts of the Ninja and Samurai. Many times in his life as an undercover agent, working with law enforcement and Special Forces throughout the world, in some of the most hostile locations, Jock Brocas sixth sense allowed him to survive in the face of possible death. The aim of this book is to make everyone aware of their similar abilities. The sixth sense is a practical gift, vital for survival in this perilous age.

About Author

The thing is, she can’t remember where she hid the loot before she died. But that’s not going to stop her old partners from using Danny to get her to tell them where it is—unless Raney and Daye can stop them and save the boy… with a little ghostly help, that is.

What People Think About This Book


This is a very unusual book written by a very unusual person. Well worth reading, it sets you thinking on many levels. It is good to study different approaches as they help you to find the right way forward on your journey. Tony Neate, SRF newsletter and the Buttercup Connections newsletter 


The Everything Guide to Past Life Experience: Explore the scientific, spiritual, and philosophical evidence of past life experiences

The Everything Guide to Past Life Experience:

Explore the scientific, spiritual, and philosophical evidence of past life experiences (Everything Series)

Why This Book

A Revolutionary War hero. The local blacksmith. A professor of history at an esteemed university. These are just a few of the past lives you could have lived–and have no idea about. With a renowned psychic medium as your guide, you’ll delve into the unknown realms of the past

Know More About This Book

A Revolutionary War hero. The local blacksmith. A professor of history at an esteemed university. These are just a few of the past lives you could have lived–and have no idea about. With a renowned psychic medium as your guide, you’ll delve into the unknown realms of the past

answering questions like:

Does everyone have a past life?Are all humans reincarnated?What are the steps to past life regression?What methods should I use to regress into my past?How do I find out about the lives I lived?How do I cope if my past life was not a good one?

Featuring a balanced overview of the history of past life regression and how you can achieve your own past life experience, this is an all-inclusive resource if you want to know more about where (and when!) you have been.

About Author

The thing is, she can’t remember where she hid the loot before she died. But that’s not going to stop her old partners from using Danny to get her to tell them where it is—unless Raney and Daye can stop them and save the boy… with a little ghostly help, that is.

What People Think About This Book


Thank you for your interest in The Everything Guide to Past Life Experience: Explore the scientific, spiritual, and philosophical evidence of past life experiences (Everything Series)


FTX lawyers to reap millions from the bankruptcy case: Report

FTX’s legal team from Sullivan & Cromwell has 150 people on the bankruptcy case, with thirty partners reportedly charging more than $2,000 per hour.

According to a new report, the controversial law firm Sullivan & Cromwell is on track to reap a fortune from its work on the FTX cryptocurrency exchange’s bankruptcy case.

Sullivan & Cromwell’s costs in the FTX case are estimated to reach hundreds of millions of dollars before the firm’s bankruptcy investigation is over, Bloomberg Law reported on Jan. 27.

As the FTX trial is scheduled for October 2023, the firm’s lawyers now have about eight months to untangle the complicated FTX case, which will cost a lot of time and money. Sullivan & Cromwell has more than 150 people working on the FTX case, including 30 partners with rates exceeding 2,000 per hour. The report notes that associates are charging up to about $1,500 per hour, citing a court filing.

Source: Bloomberg Law

In a court declaration, Sullivan & Cromwell said that its proposed fees are in accordance with market rates by other leading law firms and actually represent a discount from the rates used in non-bankruptcy matters.

Bankruptcy experts have been facing a high demand as the crypto winter of 2022 generated many bankruptcy filings, including those by major crypto firms like Genesis Global Trading, Celsius Network and Voyager Digital.

According to Jonathan Lipson, a Temple University law professor, lawyers are going to do very well in cases like FTX, “just as the professionals have done very well in other big cases.” For example, New York-based law firm Weil Gotshal made about $500 million in fees from the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

Lipson said that such big expenses can be justified as Sullivan & Cromwell can potentially help investigators recover money from FTX, stating:

“The important question is never are the lawyers charging a lot. It’s, is it worth it? If they can recover a lot of money, then it’s probably worth it.”

The news comes shortly after FTX bankruptcy judge John T. Dorsey on Jan. 19 approved Sullivan & Cromwell’s retention as FTX’s legal team despite controversy about the firm allegedly having potential conflicts of interest in the case.

Good news for Sullivan & Cromwell. The FTX Bankruptcy Judge just approved their retention amid scathing allegations by a former FTX Chief Regulatory Officer. No continuance to investigate but the Judge’s decision made sense and S&C’s arguments were compelling/very well-presented.

— John Reed Stark (@JohnReedStark) January 20, 2023

The decision came despite concerns related to Sullivan & Cromwell having advised FTX since before it filed for Chapter 11 protection in November 2022. On Jan. 9, United States senators John Hickenlooper, Thom Tillis, Elizabeth Warren and Cynthia Lummis called on the judge to approve a motion to appoint an independent examiner into FTX’s activities. 

Related: SBF says Sullivan & Cromwell contradicted itself with insolvency claims

Sullivan & Cromwell subsequently emphasized that the law firm has “never served as primary outside counsel to any FTX entity” and had a “limited and largely transactional relationship with FTX and certain affiliates prior to the bankruptcy.”

The firm did not immediately respond to follow up questions from Cointelegraph.


Creating self-sovereignty in the creator economy and Web3 — Is there room for both?

NFT Steez sits down with Web3 advocate Julie Plavnik to discuss the concepts of self-sovereignty and digital identity in Web3-based creator economies.

On this week’s episode of NFT Steez, hosts Alyssa Exposito and Ray Salmond meet with Web3 content writer Julie Plavnik to discuss the importance of self-sovereignty while building a digital identity in Web3. 

Plavnik referenced author Gavin Wood when describing Web3 and said that “communication” is a core tenant in the subsequent iteration of the internet. “Web3 is the communication of encrypted channels between decentralized identities,” Plavnik affirmed.

According to Plavnik, the emerging concept of Web3 has placed a magnifying glass over user data and ownership, especially concerning the creator economy, which Plavnik described as a place with “no entry barriers or casting.”

During the show, Plavnik explored how users are coming around to the notion that they can potentially monetize their individuality in Web3, but she questioned how they could maintain their self-sovereignty.

Awakening self-sovereign identity in Web3

When discussing how self-sovereignty is intertwined with Web3, there was no hesitation from Plavnik in explaining that the core tenet of Web3 is to uphold a self-sovereign identity — meaning that decentralization is vital.

Decentralization, Plavnik explained, is fundamental to ensuring that no third party controls nor owns user data.

However, not all users have the level of awareness or interest to understand this. Understandably so, as Plavnik described the fact that Web3 features, protocols and platforms are still in their “infancy.”

Despite being in an experimental and developmental stage, Web3 has also shed light on how the creator economy can continue to evolve and minimize intermediaries. Through the use of blockchain technology and decentralized platforms, users are beginning to build their brands without intermediaries and networks that profit from users’ data.

Related: NFT Steez and Lukso co-founder explore the implications of digital self-sovereignty in Web3

Plavnik explained how as a creator, maintaining self-sovereignty in Web3 is “exciting” because it already serves as a way to build a “blockchain resume,” so to speak, whereby users can readily track and find all their interactions, participation and engagement in a domain, for example.

Plavnik expects that in the future, nonfungible token domains will be an attractive feature even though current users are limited to only facets of their digital identity based on their crypto wallet.

Plavnik posited that an NFT domain could give users more dynamic freedom regarding which information they want to disclose and which digital identities will serve which purposes.

To hear more from the conversation, tune in and listen to the full episode of NFT Steez on Cointelegraph’s new podcasts page or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or TuneIn.

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