Ötzi the Iceman Probably Thawed, Refroze and Moved Around Several Times

When one thinks of mummies, the two kinds that come to mind are the intentionally and artificially preserved corpses found in Egyptian tombs, or the naturally dried corpses found in South America. One man has a category all his own … frozen, naturally preserved mummy. That man is Ötzi the Iceman – whose mummified frozen remains were found in September 1991 in the Ötztal Alps (hence his nickname) on the border between Austria and Italy. By being both mummified and frozen, Ötzi was easy to date – he lived between 3350 and 3105 BCE – and a treasure trove for researchers because his remains were quick-frozen shortly after he died and he remained frozen solid ever since. Or did he? A new study 30 years after he was found claims Ötzi died somewhere else in the Ötztal Alps, was moved by a glacier, and thawed and refroze several times. How did he manage to survive all of that?

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