Oldest Evidence of Barbecuing Ever Discovered in Israel

When it comes to inventions that changed the course of human history, the wheel is high on the list, as is the airplane and gunpowder. Another game-changer that often makes the list is the invention of fire … which really shouldn’t be considered an ‘invention’ since nature itself showed it to an early human. However, controlling fire and figuring out how to use it to cook were both early inventions and archeologists have generally agreed that the first evidence of humans using fire for cooking dates back to around 170,000 years ago. For those who like a good grilled piece of meat, that elicits sympathy for those humans living before that time who were forced to gnaw on raw animal flesh. Well, feel badly no longer for those ancient humans – new research has uncovered evidence of cooking with fire 780,000 years ago in Israel. That difference of 610,000 years may be as much of a game-changer for modern evolutionary researchers as it was for ancient humans.

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