New Yeti Research in Nepal Leads to Surprising Discovery

Bigfoot or Sasquatch may have found a soft spot in the hearts and minds of North Americans who are becoming accustomed to images and impersonations of the giant hairy beast appearing in commercials and public service announcements, being the focus of annual festivals and tourist attractions and moving away from a violent reputation to one more benevolent and co-existing with humans. That is not the case in the Himalayan mountain ranges of Asia, where Bigfoot’s cousin, the Yeti, still terrifies residents who have centuries of tales of a beast with many names but common vicious and wild reputations befitting of the vicious and wild climate of the mountains. Despite that, researchers devote scant attention to the many reports, often with supporting photos and fur, of Yeti encounters. One such researcher sat on evidence from a sighting in Nepal for 20 years before finally analyzing it … and his conclusion is a surprising revelation. Is this the smoking footprint?

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