More on the Controversy Surrounding Unknown Apes: There Are More Than You Might Think

In my previous article I suggested that, almost certainly, should an unknown ape be found soon it will be Sumatra’s Orang-Pendek. Or, one of it’s cousins. There are, however, other unknown apes far beyond Bigfoot, the Yeti, the Australian Yowie, the Russian Almasty, and the Yeren. With that said, let’s have a look at those other still-mysterious apes. In the 1940s, a naturalist who spent time working in Ecuador as a dealer in live animals, told cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson: “The so-called Shiru, I have heard of from the Indians and a few white hunters on both sides of the Andes but decidedly more so on the eastern slopes, where the vast mountains are still quite unexplored, and rarely, if ever visited. All reports describe the Shiru as a small (4-5 feet) creature decidedly hominid, but fully covered with short, dark brown fur. All agreed that the Shiru was very shy, with the exception of one Indian, who claimed having been charged after having missed with his one and only shot from a muzzle loading shotgun, a weapon still used by the majority of Indians along with the blowgun. These reports are rather sober and objective, and in no way tinged with the colorful imagination into which Latin-Americans are prone to lapse.”

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