Leaks Indicate the Upcoming Pentagon UAP Report Has Explanations — But Not the Ones You Want to Hear

This is election season in the U.S., so it is hard to find anyone willing to admit they believe what the government is telling them. That holds true for taxes, social programs, the economy … and UFOs. The U.S. Director of National Intelligence is already late with his updated report to Congress on Unexplained Aerial Phenomena that is supposed to include all new UAP incidents over the past year and any previously unreported incidents. Leaks have already surfaced that a majority of these UAP/UFO sightings will be attributed to weather balloons, debris from space launches and satellites, foreign surveillance, drones and other terrestrial causes. This follow-up to the DNI’s initial report was expected to address the more than 400 UAP incidents since then. The October 31 report is late but the leaks aren’t … and they are pretty disappointing.

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