Hundreds of UFOs Seen Over Argentina and a Transmedium UAP Reported in Lake Titicaca

Something strange and unidentified is happening in the skies over many countries in South America and no one seems to have an explanation for it … nor an estimate as to if and when these UFO events will end. In late October 2022, commercial airline pilots began seeing unexplained lights over the state of Santa Catarina in far southeastern Brazil. In early November 2022, pilots from other airlines confirmed they had also seen the lights and reported maneuvers not physically possible for any known aircrafts. This week, it appears the UFOs have moved to Argentina and Bolivia. Multiple witnesses in the Entre Ríos province in east central Argentina reported seeing hundreds of unexplained lights in the skies, while a video has surfaced in Bolivia of what is being called a “flying saucer” that was seen on the surface of Lake Titicaca before submerging and then flying out of the water into space. Have extraterrestrials discovered the many wonders, minerals and precious metals of South America? Or are the Nazca lines finally attracting them back?

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