How Did the Story of the “Marilyn Monroe UFO Document” Begin? It’s An Eye-Opening Saga

Now and again, people ask me when the so-called “Marilyn Monroe UFO Document” first surfaced, and under what circumstances. Whatever you think of the document itself, there is a genuinely interesting background to the story. So, with that said, let’s have a look at what is either a genuine CIA document or an outrageous hoax. On October 23, 1994, the Fox network broadcasted an episode of Encounters that told the tale of the Speriglio document, its contents, and its implications. The specific one-of-three segments in the program was titled “Mars Wants Marilyn.” There was another mid-1990s-period connection in all of this, too.The Fox show was directed by John Jopson, a screenwriter and film-director. Interestingly, one year later, Jopson worked on Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction, which was also a Fox show and produced by Bob Kiviat. Let’s see what Wikipedia had to say about the next step of the autopsy show: “Jopson then enlisted the services of his friend, well-known private investigator William Dear, but according to Jopson, Dear was held back by the producers for fear the hoax would be exposed before the air date, and he was limited to investigating the identity of the ‘mystery cameraman.’” What all of this tells us is that a lot of weirdness went down in the UFO television documentary world from 1994 to 1995. A fair bit of it was targeted on dead aliens (whether in the form of a claimed CIA document, or on screen); one of which turned out to be a very sophisticated dummy with a fat belly, black eye-lenses, a mouth agape, and six fingers on each hand. 

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