Digging Deeper Into the World of Mind-Control and MK-Ultra

When it comes to the controversial matter of the widespread control of the population – maybe even on a worldwide scale – one issue which inevitably and so often rears its ugly head is that of mind-control. Much has been said and written about this inflammatory issue, some of it understating the threat and some overstating it. The fact is, though, that mind-control is a very real threat to everyone. Everyone, that is, apart from those in power who are calling the shots. And as our technology advances, it becomes ever easier for those who want to control and enslave us to achieve their disturbing aims. And it is an agenda that has been going on for a long time. Indeed, some of the most groundbreaking work was undertaken at the height of the Second World War. All of which brings us to one Dr. George Estabrooks, PhD. A groundbreaking character in the field of mind-control, Estabrooks was the Chairman of the Department of Psychology at Colgate University, which is located in Hamilton, New York. Less than one year after the tragic events at Pearl Harbor occurred, Estabrooks gave a fascinating – but also disturbing – presentation before senior personnel from the U.S. War Department. He made no bones about the fact that a mind-controlled group of operatives could wreak havoc within the United States. In Estabrooks’ own words: “Two hundred trained foreign operators, working in the United States, could develop a uniquely dangerous army of hypnotically controlled Sixth Columnists.”

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