Did Bob Lazar See a Live E.T. at the S-4 Facility of Area 51? Or Were Mind-Games Being Played?

Today, I’m going to share with you a story that you might not have heard of. It’s a story that is, no doubt, bizarre, but thought-provoking. Whether the whole thing was a game of sorts to make Lazar’s mind spin, I don’t know. Or, whether the story was one hundred percent correct. With that slightly enigmatic introduction finished, let’s go straight to the story. One of the lesser known aspects of the Bob Lazar controversy is that which suggests he just might have seen an alien entity at Area 51 – a live one, no less. The story gets very little publicity, but it’s fascinating in the extreme. The issue of aliens – alive, dead or both at Area 51 -first surfaced from Lazar in early 1989. When asked about that specific matter by George Knapp, Lazar quickly shot down the question in an awkward fashion and changed the subject. Later, though, in what was a private, rather than public, interview, Lazar opened up a bit more. What he had to say was brief but amazing – if true, of course. According to Lazar, “I walked down the hallway at one time I was working down there, and there were these doors – the doors that go to the hangar are smaller than the doors in the corridors and have a 9-inch or 12-inch square window with little wires running through it, just about head level. And as I was walking by, I just glanced in and I noticed – at a quick glance – there were two guys in white lab coats, facing me towards the door.”

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