Deep Oceans on Mars May Have Contained Life Long Before Earth Did

The space science and astronomy worlds were rocked recently by a rock – specifically, a space rock which landed in Winchcombe, England, fairly intact. What made this meteorite special was that it was recovered about 12 hours after it fell, making it the most pristine space rock ever recovered. That news was quickly superseded by the discovery that it was a carbonaceous chondrite meteorite that was about 11 percent water – water that came to Earth from somewhere else in space. That rock could be proof that Earth’s water originated elsewhere. Could the same be true of other planets? That question has now been answered as well – a new study shows that Mars was also bombarded by these water asteroids. In fact, Mars could  have had so much water, it may have been completely covered to a depth of 300 meters (984 feet) by an ocean. That means Mars was in a prime position to support life … possibly before Earth did. Could Earth’s life have come from Mars? Here’s a tantalizing hint … the meteorites used in this study were Martian meteorites found on Earth.

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