China to Send Monkeys to Space Station to Have Sex

As far as we know, no humans have ever had sex in space – either while in orbit or while living for an extended period on a space station. As far as we know, no monkeys or apes have ever had sex in space. In fact, the only known animals to have attempted to reproduce in space are worms, Japanese rice fish and mice … and the mice failed to give birth upon returning to Earth. China’s space program hopes to change this. After adding the last stage, the Tiangong or Heavenly Palace is now ready to become a different kind of palace – one where two monkeys will attempt to join the 235 Miles High Club. The history of monkeys and apes in space has been far from pleasant for the simians, but China’s space program hopes this will be fun for the monkeys and also beneficial for future close encounters of the sex kind for humans.

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