Bob Lazar: Was He the Subject (or the Victim) of Mind-Control / MK-Ultra Type Technology Out at Area 51?

There is a particularly important aspect to the controversy surrounding Bob Lazar that many researchers are either completely unaware of or have overlooked – possibly not realizing the importance of that certain aspect. It’s the distinct possibility that while working out at S-4 Lazar may have had his mind tampered with. We’re talking about ways and means to blur reality, to have the targeted individual – in this case Lazar – see and experience something that may not actually be part of what passes for reality. Timothy Good made a notable statement on this issue. Good stated that Lazar told him, “Security was formidable, and various methods of intimidation (including the possible use of drugs and hypnosis [italics mine]) were used to ensure that those who worked at the base kept their mouths shut.” Before we get further to Lazar, let’s have a look at a concise  of the history of MK-Ultra, the world’s most notorious “mind-game” operation. Although the U.S. intelligence community, military and government has undertaken countless official (and off-the-record, too) projects pertaining to both mind-control and mind-manipulation, without any doubt whatsoever, the most notorious of all was Project MKUltra: a clandestine operation that operated out of the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence, and that had its beginnings in the Cold War era of the early 1950s. 

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