Are We Alone in the Universe?: The Great Filter and the Death of Alien Intelligences

The human race has been fascinated with the vast sea of space for as long as our first flickers of awareness that it even existed began to form. Specifically, one very profound question that has gestated within our collective consciousness is simply: are we alone? We have long pondered whether there might be someone else out there amongst that uncharted ocean of stars, and this has become the focus of science fiction stories, personal reflection, philosophical dilemma, and scientific debate from the time we were able to comprehend that there were even other planets out there. In recent years our ever advancing technology has allowed us to peer into the deep black of space and locate many other planets orbiting stars just as our own, with quite a few even displaying signs that they may even be similar to ours and be habitable, and for decades we have carefully listened in to hear if there is any message flying about in the void. But is there anyone there at all? Why has no one answered us or made themselves known? Are we truly alone, hurtling through a cold, uncaring universe on this rock of ours? According to some experts, perhaps the answers to these questions is even grimmer than we could have ever imagined. 

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