Another Reason Why the Rendlesham Forest Event Was a Government / Military Experiment

There is a little-known phenomenon that deserves coverage in this article. It concerns several other U.K.-based operations that can be viewed as near-identical to the Rendlesham Forest incidents. All of these additional encounters involved military personnel and were clearly staged. That’s right: Rendlesham was not a stand-alone incident. The mind-manipulators appear to have been engaged in their incredibly alternative and duplicity-driven operations for a very long time – and all under extraterrestrial banners. So far as things can be determined right now, matters began in the early 1960s. Interestingly, that was when the Porton Down facility got highly proactive, in terms of using military personnel for their experiments on the human mind. Not only that, these experiments were still being orchestrated and executed up to – at the very least – the 1990s. We’ll begin with the experience of Paul Greensill. His confrontation of the mystifying type happened back in 1962. He retired from the British Army in August of that year, after having served with 9 Parachute Squadron, Royal Engineers. With a successful military career behind him, Greensill then enlisted in the Army Reserve. The Ministry of Defense provides background: “The Army Reserve is the largest of the Reserve Forces. The Army Reserve provides support to the Regular Army at home and overseas, and throughout its history almost every major operation has seen reservists operate alongside their Regular counterparts. Army Reserve Soldiers come from all walks of life and work part-time as soldiers for the British Army alongside full-time Regular soldiers.”

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