Animals On-Board UFOs: Yes, Really!

Yeah, I know that’s a weird way to start the day, but that’s how it goes. We’ll begin with the old English town of Todmorden, Yorkshire. The witness was a then-serving policeman, Alan Godfrey. His experience – of seeing a UFO-style craft on a stretch of road, of being taken on-board the craft, and of having interaction with various entities – is a complex one. In his hypnotic state, Godfrey said that while he was on the UFO he saw nothing less than “a bloody dog.” He was asked to expand on this. Godfrey replied: “Well, I think it’s a dog. Horrible. Just looks like a dog. Like the size of an Alsatian [Note: Alsatian is British terminology for a German Shepherd].” He added that the dog “just stood there,” and he noted that its color was black. Moving on, and getting into really controversial areas, I have three cases on file that deal with sightings – by alien abductees – of so-called “Alien Big Cats” on-board UFOs. Yes, I can already see certain mainstream cryptozoologists clenching their fists and letting their blood-pressure soar out of control. Too bad. The UK, in particular, has a long history of sightings of Alien Big Cats, or ABCs. They are erroneously and often referred to as “black panthers.” Most cryptozoologists suggest they are escapees from private zoos and enclosures. Or, perhaps, they may have been secretly released into the wild, when their owners could no longer handle them. None of the above, however, explains why I have no less than three cases in my files – all from the English county of Devon, oddly – of “abductees” reporting seeing large and menacing ABCs on-board UFOs. And at the exact time the person is at the mercy of the black-eyed, dwarfish Grays of UFO lore.

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