An Area 51 Whistleblower: Truth or Deception? Or Double-Deception?

To demonstrate that the connection between Area 51 and UFOs goes back a significant number of years – and long before Bob Lazar was on the scene – we have to go back to the dawning of the 1970s. The story comes from a man I’ll call John, and who I met back in the mid-2000s. It’s a story of incredible proportions and which clearly demonstrates that when it comes to the matter of aliens and the legendary secret base, nothing is as it seems to be. In fact, it’s much weirder. From the latter part of the 1940s to the end of the fifties, John was employed by the New York Police Department. The work was exactly what one would expect in a packed, bustling city like the Big Apple. There was, however, one unusual aspect to John’s career. It was in late 1957 that John and a couple of his colleagues were brought into a program to assist the FBI in uncovering a Russian spy-ring which was afoot in the city. The belief was that the Soviets were trying to infiltrate a certain company that worked in the field of weapons-development for the U.S. Government. They may indeed have infiltrated it – period. The reason why John was brought in was because there was a suspicion that the Russians had recruited Mafia figures – and they were Mafia figures who John had crossed paths with on previous investigations. 

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