Alien Spacecraft in the Solar System, Extraterrestrial Artifacts on Earth, and an Astrophysicist

There has always been a certain pecking order of credibility whenever it comes to talking about anything to do with UFOs and aliens. Some nobody out in the middle of the woods might get short shrift. A pilot or military personnel might get some notice due to their perceived reliability as observers. Yet perhaps the most prized of these are scientists and those with deep roots in the way our world is supposed to work and who are keenly aware when something odd is afoot. Respected scientists are seen as the end all be all with regards to the UFO phenomenon, and when one embraces the idea that aliens are visiting our world people sit up and take notice. One of these is an astrophysicist who has made headlines with his ideas that not only are there possibly alien craft in our solar system right now, but that there could even be extraterrestrial artifacts and technology here on Earth. 

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