Alien Abductions: When Military Agencies Get Involved

All around the world, people have reported close encounters with extraterrestrial entities. Witnesses describe being kidnapped in the dead of night by large-headed, black-eyed creatures from other worlds. Those same creatures have become popularly known as the Greys. People subjected to alien abduction typically report intrusive experiments that revolve around genetics, human reproduction, and even the creation of alien-human hybrids. There is, however, another aspect to the alien abduction controversy. It is, perhaps, the most sinister aspect of all.  Abductees very often report being followed and spied upon by military and government personnel. It is typical for abductees to see black helicopters hovering directly over their homes, in intimidating style. Mail is very often intercepted. Letters are opened. Phone-calls are monitored. Emails and social media are hacked into. Strange men dressed in black suits photograph the homes of the abductees. All of which brings us to the matter of what have become known in the domain of alien abduction research as “MILABS,” or “Military Abductions.”

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