AI Robot Senses Anxiety, Identifies Criminals, Throws Insults and Speaks About the End of the World

It is time for another edition of “Realistic robots that scare us.” These often coincide with the big annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, which makes them even more scary be “consumers” could soon be purchasing some of these sophisticated AI-powered robots and unleashing them on the rest of us. Today we meet Xoxe (pronounced “Zo-zie” as she is quick to remind you) and if you happened to visit her booth, she knows that you lied on your expense report about what you did last night in Vegas because she can detect if a person in her human eye-like viewfinders has committed any illegal activities. And that is just the beginning. Before you look for a plug to pull or batteries to remove, the discussion is already raging about whether turning off a robot which displays consciousness is murder. Shades of Data on Star Trek: The Next generation? Let’s find out.

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