A Strange Wave of Mysterious Phantom Airships in New Zealand

One area that has long been skirting the periphery of the UFO phenomenon is that of mysterious airships that have appeared at various times throughout history, and one notable waves of these occurred in New Zealand in the 1900s. It started in July of 1909, when a Mr. John Boyd, of Stirling was with two other locals in the vicinity of the railway station in the Clutha river delta area, in the Otago province of New Zealand, when they witnessed a strange bright light hovering in the sky, which they at first took to be just a bright star, but then it began moving, swaying and doing several maneuvers such as dipping and rising, as well as growing in brilliance. They now had the impression that it was some sort of airship, although unlike anything any of them had seen before, and an article in the Otago Daily Times says of it:

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