A Small Version of a Bigfoot-Type Creature Living Stealthily in the U.K.?

Is it possible there is a Bigfoot-type creature in the United Kingdom, but a creature that is only about three to four feet high? It sounds strange, but the fact is there are a number of such cases on record. And, I’ll share them with you today. Moving on from Bigfoot, what about Littlefoot? At least, we have to give it a name. Certainly, it’s an undeniable fact that reports emanating from Britain tell of encounters with not just large and lumbering, hairy entities, but with distinctly smaller critters, too. Centuries-old Welsh folklore, for example, tells of the Bwbach, an approximately three foot tall, hair-covered humanoid perceived by the folk of that era as a brownie or nymph. Supposedly, like so many of similar ilk, they would undertake chores and little jobs around the homes of humans, providing they were the recipients of two things: respect and nourishment, the latter usually in the form of oats, milk and cream. And they had a deep hatred of those who avoided alcohol and led teetotal lives! Now, on to a fascinating story.

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