A Handful of Strange Phenomena Makes Bigfoot a Paranormal Creature: The Sasquatches Are Not of This Planet

Most people in the field of Cryptozoology will tell you that the Bigfoot creatures are just unknown animals that have conveniently managed to keep away from us and never, ever get caught. Wrong. These creatures are far more than that. Let’s begin with the matter of invisibility. Most investigators of the Bigfoot and cryptid ape phenomena take the view that the beasts they seek are flesh and blood animals that have been incredibly lucky, in terms of skillfully avoiding us, or getting captured and killed. There is, however, another theory that may explain how and why Bigfoot always eludes us, at least when it comes to securing hard evidence of its existence. It’s a theory that posits the creatures have the ability to become invisible – that’s to say, they can “cloak” themselves so that we do not see them. It’s a theory that the bulk of Bigfoot enthusiasts have absolutely no time for. It is a fact, however, that regardless of what people think of the theory, there is certainly no shortage of reports.

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