Witness Compares Utah UFO Sighting to Those at Skinwalker Ranch

If you want help someone comprehend something new and unusual, it pays to compare it to something old and familiar. This applies to most situations and this week it applies to the world of UFO reports. If you live in Arizona and you see a string of mysterious lights, you compare them to the Phoenix lights. If you live in New Mexico and you see a bright light falling from the sky, you compare it to the Roswell incident. If you live in Utah and you see an orb hanging in the sky, you compare it to something seen over the Skinwalker Ranch near Ballard, Utah. That is where this story takes us, as a person in Mapleton, Utah, saw and photographed a UFO over his property that reminded them of the orbs reported over the Skinwalker Ranch. Are they related? Will the witness get a cable TV show?

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