Where the Bigfoot Creatures Go, So Do The UFOs: Aliens and Sasquatch

UFOs and Bigfoot tied together? There is a large body of material to support such a thing, but most people in their respective areas ignore such controversies. They really shouldn’t. Let’s have a look at the data we have available. It may come as a surprise to many to learn that one of the world’s most famous monsters – Bigfoot of the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere – is a shapeshifter. As controversial as it may sound, reports of strange, unidentified apes that have the ability to take on numerous guises – all around the planet, never mind just in the United States – abound. There is absolutely no doubt that Rendlesham Forest, in the English county of Suffolk, is most famous for a series of sensational UFO encounters that occurred across the period of December 26-29, 1980. Multiple military personnel, from the nearby twin-bases of Royal Air Force Benwaters and Royal Air Force Woodbridge, reported seeing strange lights in the sky – their accounts can be found in an official U.S. Air Force document of January 13, 1981, titled “Unexplained Lights.” It was written by Lieutenant Colonel Charles I. Halt, the Deputy Base Commander at Bentwaters. Other saw UFOs beaming lights down to the weapons-storage areas – which were the secret home to nuclear weapons. There are even accounts of some of the airmen seeing small, humanoid figures with cat-like eyes – aliens, perhaps. It’s a far less known fact, however, that Rendlesham Forest has its very own shapeshifter. Its name is the Shug Monkey. Like most monstrous shapeshifters, it is a creature which terrifies all those who encounter it.

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