When UFOs and Mind-Control Come Together, Things Get Crazy: MK-Ultra

On April 13, 1953, CIA chief Allen Dulles ordered the creation of a program of mind-control known as MK-Ultra to be conducted by Dr. Sidney Gottlieb. Rumors and half-truths about new mind-control techniques being used by Soviet, Chinese, and North Korean interrogators on U.S. prisoners of war panicked the CIA into a search for its own sure-fire method of questioning captives. In April 1961, Dr. Gottlieb decided the animal experiments, which he had been conducting with electrode implants in their brains, were successful and that it was time to experiment with human brains. Information has leaked out concerning experiments with three Viet-Cong (VC) prisoners in July 1968. A team of behaviorists flew into Saigon and traveled to the hospital at Bien Hoa, where the prisoners were being confined. The agents from Subproject 94 set up their equipment in an enclosed compound, and the team’s neurosurgeon and neurologist inserted miniscule electrodes into the brains of the three VC prisoners.

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