UFO moving at high speed through water caught on CCTV

A surveillance camera installed on the beach of Encinitas, California, USA, recorded a mysterious object that moved at a very high speed on the surface of the water, low above the surface or under water.

The footage shows that an object that looks like a brightly burning dot suddenly appears close to the coast and in a straight line, incredibly fast for a boat or other vessel, moves towards the horizon.

At some point, the dot goes out, but then it flares up again and becomes even brighter than at the beginning. Then it goes out completely.

The footage also shows incomprehensible white flashes in the same area where the glowing UFO was located. What it is is not clear.

And that’s not all the mysteries associated with this video. According to the author who posted it on the Internet, the next day this webcam was turned off, and the original recording from the previous day, which got a mysterious object, was completely removed from the archives.

The beautiful bluish glow in the second part of the video is plankton bioluminescence, not associated with a mysterious object. This is quite a common occurrence in the area.

According to many commentators, if this object is not an alien underwater probe, then most likely some kind of secret military drone.

Although why it was in such an open public place with webcams is an interesting question.

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