UFO Follows Coast Guard Plane as Bradenton Beach, Florida, Becomes a UFO Hotspot

Unless you live on the Gulf coast of Florida, you’ve probably never heard of Bradenton Beach – a tiny hamlet on the barrier island of Anna Maria Island. If you live in Bradenton Beach, you may think your hidden island getaway has been discovered … not by tourists but by extraterrestrials. A report this week of a Bradenton Beach police officer spotting a large UFO following a Coast Guard plane wondering if it might be the same space tourists who were spotted in 2021 … or 2018 … or 2016 … or 2010 … or maybe that thieving spacecraft seen by multiple witnesses in 1973 hovering over the river just across the Intracoastal Waterway in nearby Bradenton that was observed siphoning water from the river. What is attracting UFOs to Bradenton Beach?

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