U.S. Congressman Demands UFO Disclosure and Alleges Huge Coverup

The testimonies of anyone who claims to been abducted by a UFO generally include comments that that the ship they were taken to is a form of transportation with capabilities far beyond those of anything known to the general public. Since it is transportation, any UFO flying over the United States would fall under the jurisdiction of the Congressional Transportation Committee. One member of that committee is Tennessee Representative Tim Burchett, who takes his position very seriously when it comes to UFOs. Representative Burchett has been vocal after past Pentagon UFO briefings that they have bee too brief and lack the kind of UFO disclosure he and the publica are looking for. Burchett took to the airwaves again last week and upped the ante on UFOs – accusing the federal government of “shenanigans” when it comes to  being honest with the American public on the subject. Is Representative Burchette merely grandstanding, or could he be the next generation of the late Nevada Senator Harry Reid – the best friend UFO disclosure supports ever had in Congress?

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