Two Earth-Like Planets with Life Potential Found and Astronomers Estimate There are 50 Sextillion More

The world of astronomy and the search for extraterrestrial life is mourning the recent passing of Frank Drake, the creator of the Drake Equation for estimating the number of technically advanced planets in the Milky Way, but that hasn’t stopped those same astronomers and scientists from conducting their own searches and estimates. In fact, two such planets may have been identified recently no more than a mere 100 light years away – Earth-like orbs orbiting small stars in their habitable ‘Goldilocks’ zones, making them strong contenders for hosting extraterrestrial life. Meanwhile, another group of scientists using the latest data from our most advanced space telescopes have gone far beyond Drake’s equation for the Milky Way and have calculated that the universe has the potential to hold 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 other habitable planets – that’s 50 sextillion — like Earth. Do you suddenly feel both excited and a little crowded?

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