Tunnel to Tomb of Cleopatra May Have Been Found

Archeologists are notorious for making announcements that they are ‘close’ to finding some long-lost location, tomb, artifact or other historical legend which has defied all previous searches. Unfortunately, their purpose is often one of need – archeology missions are funded by museums, government, rich donors and the like who must be coddled when the search takes longer than anticipated, and motivated when the mission runs over budget. One such mission is the search for the burial site of Cleopatra VII – the queen and last ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt from 51 to 30 BCE until her legendary death, first said to be suicide by a poisonous asp but most likely was by poison. Her tomb and that of her suicidal lover Marc Antony were lost due to the political turmoil of her reign and death and many archeologists have attempted to find it. Another “we’re so close” announcement came this week from an archeologist who has been searching for the tomb of Cleopatra since 2005. Is this finally the real tomb?

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