Top Secret and Underground Facilities: There’s Way More Than Just Area 51 and the Legendary Dulce Base

There is absolutely no doubt that the world, right now, is a dangerous place – an extremely dangerous place. Our relations with the Russians are at an all-time low. Things aren’t going well with the Chinese. And, the actions of North Korea aren’t helping. In light of all that, an important question needs to be asked – and answered. If war comes – and it turns nuclear – will “our leaders” quickly head deep below the surface of the planet, only to return years later to claim what remains of the planet and human civilization? Such a thing is not at all impossible. In fact, there are significant signs that plans are indeed being made to ensure that the underground will be the place to be if the apocalypse occurs. But, as is usually the case, it will be the controlling elite who will be calling the shots, rather than the rest of us. Let’s take a look at some of the highly-classified installations that exist on our planet and how “they” may make use of them if the unthinkable happens. We’ll start with Russia.

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