The Weird Sides of Bigfoot: Maybe, Even, the Paranormal Sides

Bigfoot: it’s just an unidentified ape, right? Not a chance. It’s far more than that. Many cryptozoologists / monster hunters won’t accept there could be a supernatural side to Bigfoot. The fact is, though…there is such a side. Let’s begin with nothing less than the “zapping” of people by the Bigfoot creatures – and in a way that will deter us getting close to them. There are far more than a few reports on record where witnesses in close proximity to Bigfoot have reported feeling inexplicably terrified, nauseous, confused, disoriented, dizzy, light-headed, and physically unable to move. This may not be due to sheer terror and the pounding flood of massive amounts of adrenalin coursing through the bloodstream. The culprit may be something called infrasound. In simple terms, infrasound is an extremely low frequency sound, one which is significantly lower than 20HZ, which is the typical extreme of human hearing.  A number of animals use infrasound as a means to communicate with each other. The long list includes giraffes, whales, and elephants. It’s a form of communication in the animal kingdom that can be highly effective for miles, even in excess of one hundred miles. There is another important aspect of infrasound: when it is directed at humans it can provoke a wealth of unsettling physical sensations, as well as hallucinations of both the audio and visual kind.

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