The Strange Domain of Cryptozoology: Are All “Cryptids” Supernatural? Maybe They Are!

In the last couple of days, I have come up with various theories and ideas that suggest the Loch Ness Monsters and Bigfoot are supernatural, rather than just unknown animals. Not only that, it’s very possible that all cryptids are supernatural. Let’s take a look at some of the more well-known monsters on our world and that should be changed to “paranormal” in nature. Let’s begin with the Dog-Man. It looks like a werewolf-type creature, but there’s no doubt that it’s something beyond flesh and blood. If someone told you they had seen a werewolf (as in, a real, 100 percent werewolf) most people would likely laugh at you. The fact is, though, that people have reported seeing such things (largely) since the early 1990s. Imagine a large, wolf-like creature that has the ability to walk and run on its hind legs, and that’s what the Dog-Men look like. I should stress that aside from dubious yarns created by hoaxers, reports of these creature shapeshifting are very few and far between.

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