The Strange and Intriguing Life of Bruce Cathie: Anti-Gravity, UFOs and the Men in Black

Bruce Cathie, who passed away in 2013, was someone who had a fascinating life; there’s no doubt about it at all. With that said, let’s dig deep further into his strange, yet intriguing, world of UFOs, of levitating and of Antigravity. Even the Men in Black. For many years, he was a captain with the National Airways Corporation of New Zealand. Chiefly, he flew Fokker Friendship and Boeing 737 planes. After a UFO encounter of his very own kind at Mangere, Auckland, back in 1952, Cathie decided to try and solve the UFO mystery all on his lonesome. That was a pretty impressive thing to try and do. Some chance of that, but Cathie did at least his best. What Cathie did discover, however, was what he termed a “world magnetic grid system” – an invisible grid that had its origins in ancient times and that allowed those piloting the UFOs to soar across the Earth, almost as a train on the New York City Subway or on the London Underground would. The imagery is decidedly impressive. But, what about the reality of Cathie’s theories? Well, it wasn’t long before Cathie began to focus all of his UFO research on the “grid” angle. In doing so, he uncovered some incredible data.

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