The Satanic Panic Is Back, And It’s Bipartisan – Reason

Hide your twenty-sided dice and heavy metal mp3s, true believers, because Satan is the new black… again. Except this time it ain’t just Bible-thumping Republicans, but also the Demmy-crats! Hope you had your coffee, or smoked a bowl, before you peruse Elizabeth Nolan Brown’s data showing how Americans believe awful things are happening. Meanwhile real satanists and the Satanic Temple Are Holding A Fund-Raiser In The Pennsylvania School District That Denied Its ‘After School Satan Club’ and June Everett tells Oona Goodin-Smith how it’s going to be secular with no proselytization, but talk about… fossils and evolution? Keeping with this dark zeitgeist Hayley Stevens says, “Let’s Talk About Evil.” Why? There’s a problem with the word evil being bandied about amongst paranormal investigators when the evil they perceive may very well be subjective and based upon their own prejudices. Aligning with Hayley’s opinion piece is a bit of science from Stefanie Waldek providing The Non-Demonic Reason Why Your Walls Might Bleed and how to fix it at your hardware store instead of local church. Despite these two points, tensions remain high and Tim Binnall heard through the grapevine about an Exorcism At Bible Camp Sparking Outrage where some kook shoved his Jesus into a situation where it was completely unnecessary, regardless of how earnest this so-called ‘apostle’ might’ve been at the time. (CS)

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